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WebWeevil.com is passionate about technology, design and business development.

We don’t want to just build better websites, we want to build better businesses, YOUR business; growing and improving together, side-by-side.

WebWeevil.com is a Houston area web design firm located in Katy, Texas offering custom web design, small business web design and other professional web design services.

With 25 years of experience in visual communications, web design and web development we understand that a successful website requires a strategy of ongoing assessment, adjustment and refinement, not just a one time launch hoping for results.

We work with rapid deployment, flexible design, stable, proven technologies and simplified content management.

Utilizing the strengths of customized, self-installed Word Press frameworks helps speed development, simplify web design, streamline coding and reduce maintenance. Allowing for more time and resources to be focused on content, usability and attracting visitors.

We’ve also developed a deliberate strategy that leverages the benefits of blogging to enhance social media engagement, email marketing and search engine visibility.

Google wants your site’s content to be Expert, Authoritative and Trustworthy — we help accomplish this while building an audience that increases website traffic, engagement, search engine visibility and potential lead generations.

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Custom Web Design
Case Studies

Solar Screens Plus
Katy, Texas

Solar Screens Plus Web DesignSolar Screens Plus is an established, local small business in Katy, Texas dealing primarily in made-to-fit solar screens and other window products and treatments for both residential and commercial applications.

The improved and updated website was able to go live without any negative impact on search engine visibility and ranking. Regular website traffic metrics increased by 43% and nearly tripled during the peak summer season. Read more…

Southern Made Blog
Ashlie Langston – Wife, Mother & Aspiring Blogger

Southern Made BlogAshlie is a blogger who has developed a strong social media following based on her regular posts and creative ideas.

The site launched with the first blog post published and pushed out to multiple social media accounts with very positive responses and a wide social media reach. The first months site metrics amassed an impressive 4,000 views. Read more…